Bravest Warriors Illustrations

Algar Maquette

This maquette was shown at my Digital Animation Gradshow. 
Overall the entire sculpt took about 18 hours. Tons of fun to make these.
 I hope to make one of each character within the project I'm working on.

Digital Animation Mini Cards

These were small 4x3 mini cards that I was giving away at my Digital Animation Gradshow!

Concept Thumbs

Tarythion Concept Design

Sir Kay Design

Nhalicia Project

The Nhalicia Project is a fully sculpted story I started back in my first year of Capilano University. This is the model pack I completed for 2nd semester while I was still tweeking and rounding out the story. Nhalicia is still in process, and I will be continually updating it as much as possible!

DragonRoo Design

Final Design!

Inbetween Design

First Sketches